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Audio Recorder Titanium Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Audio Recorder Titanium

Audio Recorder Titanium is a compact audio recorder utility program that allows recording audio data from various devices.
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Audio Recorder Titanium estaba como Giveaway el día n 21 de junio de 2009

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¡Software de copia de seguridad de PC con Windows completo, confiable y rápido para uso personal!

Audio Recorder Titanium es un programa de grabación de audio para Windows. Grabar en un computador nunca ha sido tan fácil. En minutos podrás grabar, guardar, editar y reproducir el archiv0.

Audio Recorder Titanium es una utilidad de audio compacto que te permite grabar datos de audio desde varias fuentes, tales como micrófono, discos de vinilo, CDs de audio, tu video juego favorito, transmisiones de Internet, programas tales como Real Player y otros medios de entrada de una tarjeta de sonido.

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Requerimientos del Sistema:

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Publicado por:

AAT Technology

Página Oficial:

Tamaño del Archivo:

13.9 MB



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Developed by MPCSTAR
Transform media files for playback on various devices.
Developed by VSO Software
View the feedback from multiple IP cameras.

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Se ve bien y las caracteristicas estan para soñar, ahora lo estoy provando.

Responder   |   Victor Molina  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (0)
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Note (before people start whining): The reg. key is in the Readme.txt, and you can use your own name to register.

Thumb(s) up

Chronopie  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+128)

one other thing---if you have a decent sized hard drive----set the recorder to 24 bit wav or ogg formats----then convert to mp3 with the editor----it sounds a lot better that way

John W  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+100)

#3: I didn't believe you, but yes, it's true: you can register this program with your own name and the GOTD key!

#13: I think you're forgetting that the GOTD 'install wrapper' in setup.exe means you can only install this program today?

But back to my review … :)

I'm a BBC-trained audio engineer and a long-time software developer; I also make ads. for our community radio station, Leith FM. My usual audio 'weapons of choice' are Nero Wave Editor (for recording), Sound Forge XP (very old version—for general single-file editing etc.), and Sony ACID Music Studio 7 and Reaper 0.999 (for multi-file mixing and processing). I just hate Audacity and can't get to grips with it.

Titanium installed with no problems on my XP SP3 machine here and an initial test of recording a live BBC radio stream worked AOK.

The good:
— Nice simple interface for 'instant recording.'
— The audio level meters have a peak hold which makes setting levels a breeze.
— There IS an automatic level system for those who want it (personally, I don't).
— The 'Build-In' (sic!) Audio Editor is MUCH more capable than you would think, with LOTS of effects, including normalize, text-to-speech, pitch AND time stretch/shrink, and lots of other goodies.

The bad:
— Install forces an install of WMP 9 runtime (as #10 says). I wasn't able to stop this, but I wasn't as bothered about that as #10 clearly was!
— Having set my preferred MP3 settings from the Options button in the 'mini-panel,' those Options seem to be separate from the Options in the Audio Editor. I nearly saved a file with the wrong settings in the Editor: it seems you need to set your preferences in ther a second time.
— By default, adds itself to Explorer file context menu (grr!). You can switch this off in the Editor options.
— Uses that horrible Office 2007/Vista style 'ribbon' etc. Yuk. But I guess that's the way of the world nowadays.
— The developer's spelling in menus etc. is ATROCIOUS! 'Decimcal' and 'Visiable' are two examples I've found so far, plus the major clanger: Build-In Audio Editor. AAT: please PLEASE fix those! They do nothing for your credibility!

Those minor gripes apart, I really like Titanium on the brief play I've had with it so far. The recorder (despite its 'car audio panel' visual design, which I loathe) is simple and works very well; the peak hold meters are something I wish EVERY audio program developer would include. The editor also works well and is a little 'hidden gem!'

Would I pay $30 for it? If I didn't already have all the kit, then yes I think I would.

It's definitely a keeper for me and it will definitely replace Audio Recorder For Free as my pick of 'instant recorder from Internet' program.

Many thanks to GOTD and to AAT Technology for this one. But once again, AAT: DO fix your spelling mistakes in the menu, because they give the impression your software was written by a high school student, and WILL put some people off your rather excellent product.

Many thumbs up (spelling apart!). If you haven't grabbed this already, TRY IT NOW or you'll kick yourself tomorrow.

Cad Delworth CEng MBCS CITP  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+57)

oh and if you want to learn the basics of recording and editing---the built in editor is very easy to use---just use your mouse wheel to zoom in on sections you have highlighted and chop away

John W  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+51)

installed and runs on vista 64, record on demand worked...

James in Houston  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+45)

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