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Cover Commander Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Cover Commander

Cover Commander creates professional, custom-designed virtual boxes, books, dvd-boxes, manuals, CD disks, and screenshots.
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Cover Commander estaba como Giveaway el día n 9 de febrero de 2009

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Cover Commander crea de manera profesional y diseñados a la medida cajas virtuales, libros, cajas de dvd, manuales, discos de CD y pantallazos. Tan solo con unos cuantos clicks del ratón puedes crear lo que necesitas. Los controles extensivos del programa para luz, sombras y reflejos te permitirán crear una imagen de cualquier complejidad y puedes ver los resultados finales al tiempo que estas realizando tu creación, mediante la ventana de previsualización en tiempo real.
El asistente creador inteligente de proyectos hará el "trabajo sucio" por ti, con esto puedes concentrarte en el contenido de tu proyecto.

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Requerimientos del Sistema:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista; approximately 7 MB of free disk space

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Insofta Development

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5.09 MB



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For those who have need of such a thing, this seems like a great little program. Now I am sure that almost any image editor could be used to create the same and doubtless, there will be plenty of snarky comments to that effect, LOL....but this one has almost no learning curve, it takes you by the hand, and walks you thru the required steps without having to know all the required ins and outs of most graphics apps quickly and painlessly. And there's a good help/tutorial file as well. I was able to create a simple box in seconds - not fancy, but no less than what you normally run into anywhere on the web. If you need to create a lot of these, this program removes much of the tedium involved. My one issue is the price - that needs to be addressed as its way too high, but other than that, I give it a thumbs up. But what do I know, LOL....I'm just a little hamster/girl...

hamstergirl4444  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+42)

The Good
* Very easy to use.
* Nice clean interface.
* You can create digital covers for multiple different things, including boxes and books.
* Has many predefined models that one can use.
* Full control over the look of the cover (size, images, shadow, light, etc.)
* "New Project Wizard" helps make creating a cover very easy.
* Multiple language support (English, German, Russian, and more).

The Bad
* Very resource intensive.
* Does not have the ability to create a cover for the inside of a CD case or a book.
* Does not have a formal predefined model for magazines.
* Only supports PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP images for the covers.
* You can only save your covers as a PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP file.
* There is no ability to "edit" image (such as rotate them) from within the program.

Installation and registration:
Went fine. You have to manually enter registration information.

Free Alternatives:
3D Box Shot Maker
BoxMaker Classic
Virtual Hardbox Designer

As I mentioned above, I feel that this program is not a very good choice for a giveaway because it really is not for the home audience but as a program that helps you create e-covers, this program is great. It is easy to use, offers multiple models to use, and gives you full customization abilities. The *biggest* drawback to this program is that it is very resource intensive. If your computer is kind of old and you think it may not be able to run this program (see above for resource usage information), you can try for easy on the go creation of 3D boxes without ever having to install anything. You won't get all the features with as you do with Cover Commander, but it is better then nothing. Anyway, thumbs up for Cover Commander.

Full Review: Click here please.

Ashraf  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+29)

Fantastic! Nice choice GOTD!!!

Installed and activated with no problems XPHome SP2.

Lots of options here way more than just boxshots. You can choose images for all sides, and can control camera,light, shadow and reflection.

You have control over just about everything.

Upon first open the UI can throw you because it's so simple, but the little gem allows excellent control.

Just one nit-pick --> I wish it supported .psd files, and I wish it could save as .psd or at least .tiff with transparency. But since it does save as full color .png with transparency I can live with it.

I created a boxshot quickly using one of my digital art pieces that is totally photographic, and save quality is good.

Love this one and I'm sure I will use it often.

Thumbs up!

Tina  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+24)

This is a really nice application. One of the better cover makers that I have tried.

About the only thing I don't really like about it is the nag you get when switching the presets for camera, light, shadow, and reflection. I don't like how it keeps asking if I really want to change that setting and makes me click an additional button to do it. That kind of slows down my productivity.

All in all, this one is a keeper.

app  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+20)

Yes you can do this in Photoshop and/or Illustrator, but it's time consuming what with getting perspectives right and all all.

This does it quickly and easily.

You can see three things I did real quickly with my own existing work Here.

Tina  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+20)

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