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Disk Wiper 8.5 Special Edition (English Version) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Disk Wiper 8.5 Special Edition (English Version)

Paragon Disk Wiper can completely erase a whole hard disk, a separate partition or just clean free space.
$29.95 EXPIRÓ
Votación de Usuario: 459 (54%) 384 (46%) 2 Comentarios

Disk Wiper 8.5 Special Edition (English Version) estaba como Giveaway el día n 6 de agosto de 2009

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Cambie el nombre de cualquier número de archivos de forma rápida y sencilla.

Tus datos privados son muy fáciles de recuperar si confías en la función estándar de eliminar o dar formato al disco duro. Asegúrate de que nadie pueda recupera los datos que crees se ha eliminado! Borra tus datos, de manera confiable en el disco duro, y de forma segura con el Paragon Disk Wiper Personal. Paragon Disco Wiper puede borrar completamente un disco, una partición separada, o simplemente limpiar el espacio libre.

Características Principales y Beneficios:

  • Borrado Completo: Limpia exactamente lo que necesitas - discos duros / particiones separadas (primaria, extendida, lógica)
  • Nuevo y poderoso algorítmo de Paragon: Irreversiblemente destruiye todos los datos en disco proporcionando el máximo nivel de seguridad
  • Operación Eficiente: Efecto mínimo sobre el rendimiento del sistema
  • Interface de Usuario Fácil de usar
  • Operaciones Básicas de particionado: Optimiza la gestión de tus discos duros

Información Detallada del Producto la puedes obtener de Disk Wiper 8.5 website.

Soporte Técnico:
Durante el periodo de Giveaway, Paragon Software provee soporte técnico en la página Por favor, incluye tus preguntas si tienes algún inconveniente durante la descarga, el registro o uso del programa. El equipo de Soporte de Paragon Software responderá lo antes posible.

The current text is the result of machine translation. You can help us improve it.

Requerimientos del Sistema:

Windows Vista, 95/98/ME/, NT, 2000, XP; Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent; 300 MHz processor clock speed; 64 MB of RAM; 40 MB HD space; SVGA video adapter and monitor

Publicado por:

Paragon Software

Página Oficial:

Tamaño del Archivo:

64.7 MB



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I don't think this will fly. When you installed Autocad the first time, you gave the purcodt number. This was mixed with information about the PC on which you were installing. The resultant combination becomes an installation ID. When/if you try to install on another computer, the information about the PC will not match. You may be able to install, but will shortly be advised to purchase or lose it.I base this opinion on something I read regarding WinXP:When you buy Windows XP in a shrink-wrapped box, you are allowed to install one copy on one PC. When Windows comes pre-installed on a new PC, it stays with the PC. You cannot transfer it from the bundled machine to a different machine. MS uses a technique called “BIOS locking” to make sure the copy stays ties to that specific PC forever.Windows installer makes you type the 25-character code that’s printed on the case. The Product Activation program looks at various serial numbers inside your PC – the processor, network card, disk drives, etc. – mixes them together, and produces a second 25 character code that identifies your PC. These 50 characters, together, are called the Installation ID. When you activate XP, you give MS the 50-character Installaton ID. If nobody else activated that 25-character code or if it has been activated with that specific Installation ID (which means you activated this particular copy of XP from the same PC twice) MS send back a 42-character Confirmation ID. The Installation ID and the Confirmation ID are stored on our PC.If that 25-character code has been already been used on a different PC you will be notified that the number of times you can activate Windows with this purcodt key has been exceeded.Source: paraphrased from p. 18, Windows Gigabook for Dummies, by Peter Weverka et al.

Responder   |   Tavrez  –  9 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (0)

it would be nice, in fact, clearer, if you were to say in your email whether the free of the day is a trial, or a real license. Your plan is v. good, but this point takes a way from it. Maybe the answer is to publish a couple of days a wk; but in any case, indicate what the gift is before downloading and having to scratch. Congrats on the main idea.

Responder   |   chris  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (0)
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Understand the need to list other available freeware. Do not understand the offering-up of these freeware programs in such a manner as to appear to belitte Paragon Software. I am a forensic scientest...yes, with computers...Paragon makes some of the greatest pieces of software...much of it approved by the DoD for their computers (Department of Defense)...this is a great piece of software. Thanks for the "free" offering, but let's recall we are checking out the, if you offer the free stuff, how about checking out what GOTD has up at the plate first?!

DrLongBear  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+133)

Skip the silliness, download a free, small utility (includes bootable .ISO), based on research sponsored by the NSA, NIST-approved, includes lots of interesting documentation, uses your drive hardware to perform the Secure Erase or NIST 800-88 Enhanced Secure Erase (ATA, SATA, maybe SCSI drives). Note--the Q & A document is outdated, the other documentation is more current. More secure than any software overwrite methods (and much quicker). If you need other drivers to access your drive (external, etc.), you should be able to use a WinPE, etc., boot disk. Not for use from within Windows.
Center for Magnetic Recording Research Secure Erase Utility

Fubar  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+40)

Hi,as always with Paragon Software-First Class,my only question Is why Is the download size 64.7mb If all this program does Is wipe hard-drive Information,especially since the other disk wiping software that has been given away recently was no were near this size.

judydog  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+36)

to number 1, from what i have read on Web Page and in the manual, this supports vista and xp 64bit, aside from 32 bit.
The information I read pertends to personal and professional edition,but this is speacial edition which is??
to number 2 dban can do this and is free but this can do it and more and it is free for today..;o)
I installed on XP Pro,SP 3, no install issues that were bad, looks to have many features.
After I signed up for the registration vial email, email returned very fast with key, and there is a box to check or uncheck if you would like to have their advertising or not.
Thanks for the software Paragon and GOTD

Tim O  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+34)

What a disappointment this download was. I was thinking I must be getting the best, most complete program available so I did not mind giving up my email address to get the registration. Wow, what a disappointment.

First, after the successful registration of the program I was instructed to go through the Wizard and choose which type of wipe I wanted. Two choices here, 1. a complete wipe of the drive, or 2. a free space wipe. I chose the free space wipe and clicked "Next" then more dialog boxes of instructions and finally I get to the end and think I am going to see the program go to work. Well, it does go to work for about 20 seconds then tells me it has to reboot and it will run in the boot mode and I should not turn off my computer.

So, fine it's night here I will let it run. I clicked okay and the computer rebooted. I watched all my programs reboot and there was nothing from Paragon. So, I went back into the program and followed the steps again, it rebooted and nothing happened again. So, I checked the Process Manager and there was nothing running from Paragon.

What a waste of time. And now Paragon has my email to send me junk mail. I will never download another Paragon program. But thanks GAOTD for offering it.

Ted  –  12 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+30)

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