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Partition Manager 10.0 Personal (English) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Partition Manager 10.0 Personal (English)

Paragon is happy to offer something that you’ve been asking for – Partition Manager 10.0 Personal with support for the latest Operating Systems.
$39.95 EXPIRÓ
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Partition Manager 10.0 Personal (English) estaba como Giveaway el día n 11 de enero de 2010

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La grabadora de audio que identifica y etiqueta canciones mágicamente, ¡automáticamente!

Oferta especial para los usuarios de GAOTD — Partición con soporte para Windows 7 y versiones de 64-bit!

Queremos agradecerte por haber descargado nuestro programa y darnos tus comentarios y muy útiles sugerencias. Darnos retroalimentación es esencial para que podamos darte los mejores programas con las mejores utilidades. Como resultado, Paragon se complace en ofrecer algo que habías estado pidiendo – nuestro Partition Manager 10.0 Personal con soporte para las últimas versiones de los Sistemas Operativos.

Más beneficios para ti:

  • Particionado rápido y fácil: Realiza operaciones de particionado con unos pocos clicks. Crea, formatea, borra o reactiva particiones, reparticiona los discos duros sin pérdida de datos, redristribuye el espacio libre entre las particiones, combina dos particiones en una, etc.
  • Administra Vista/XP o Vista/Windows 7 en un solo PC: Corre varias versiones de Windows en tu PC y cambia entre ellas desde el arranque.
  • Resuelve todos los problemas desde el arranque: Con el Boot Corrector puedes eliminar todos los problemas más comunes de arranque, y mantener tu sistema estable.
  • Y mucho más…

    Limitaciones: No incluye WinPE en esta descarga, no incluye Virtualization Manager 2009.

    Si eres usuario de sistema de 64bit, usa el siguiente link aquí.(File size: 106 MB)

    Soporte Técnico:
    Durante el Periodo de Giveaway, Paragon Software proveerá soporte técnico en Por favor, envía tus preguntas tu tienes cualquier duda o inquietud durante la descarga, el registro o uso del programa. El equipo de soporte de Paragon Software te responderá lo más pronto posible.

    The current text is the result of machine translation. You can help us improve it.

Requerimientos del Sistema:

Windows 7 (x32/x64) / Vista (x32/x64) / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional / XP Professional SP 2 x64 Edition; CPU: 300 MHz or higher; RAM 256 MB; 100 MB HD space; Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; SVGA video adapter and monitor

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Paragon Software

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Tamaño del Archivo:

107 MB



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To #1 Sjs: Here is the software’s manual:

dummy  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+46)

In case it helps anyone...
A hard drive, & many USB memory sticks, are formatted with at least 1 partition, but you can divide up the available space by creating additional partitions -- the available space remains the same, so each added partition means all partitions are smaller. Your PC/laptop treats every partition as if it was a separate, individual drive. The 2 main reasons for dividing up a drive into multiple partitions are a) adding another Operating System (so you can boot into your choice), & b) it can make organization & maintenance easier & faster... data or content or software that doesn't change, doesn't need backed up or defragged as frequently, & those operations take less time on remaining partitions because they now hold less data, content, or software.

The main downside to multiple partitions is needing to later on add or allocate more space to one of them. A partition's data itself doesn't have to be re-written, though it does help to have everything at the beginning of the partition when you're trimming the end, as well as you'll want to move that data to the start [front?] of a partition when you enlarge it by making it start earlier on the hard drive. Moving a partition's content around, &/or changing it's boundaries can mean data loss when things go wrong, so ALWAYS have a disc image backup. Besides, having your partitions backed up as disk images, you can restore a backup image to a new or re-sized partition on the original hard drive or another one, giving you some added flexibility when/if you're moving partitions &/or drives around.

Paragon's Partition Manager 10 Personal helps you do all that stuff & more... There are added features for working with partitions, like hiding them for example, though most will never use that sort of thing. Paragon's software also takes a bit of an intelligent approach, often adjusting things when whatever you're doing could make a system un-bootable. For example, if you copy your system partition [the one with Windows you boot from] to another drive, it will set that other drive to boot up rather than the original.

Now, restoring a backup image, or altering a partition normally happen when Windows isn't running -- you can't change things about files, like their location, whilst Windows is using them to run. [Easeus partitioning software can sometimes perform some limited operations with Windows running, but that's the exception rather than the rule] Whenever you have a lot of data to write to disk, it happens MUCH faster when you're running a modern OS. That's what you get with the pro edition of Partition Manager, Drive Backup etc -- you get the WinPE environment to boot into & work from rather than the functional but slooow mini version of Linux included with the Personal or Special editions.

Once you sign up with Paragon, if you opt into their email program you'll receive special offers that make upgrading sometimes a LOT cheaper. Or you can check out LiveXP & similar mini-versions of Windows that you can use instead of Paragon's WinPE environ. You can use more capable [faster disk access] versions of Linux. You can put your bootable, portable OS on a USB stick, which is faster than a CD/DVD. A disk image backup, compressed to ~ 25 GB takes me ~20 - 30 minutes to create on a 2nd, internal hard drive, & that's roughly what it takes to restore that image booting from a USB stick with LiveXP.

For alternatives to today's GOTD, probably (IMHO) the most popular are Easeus Partition Master, Linux GParted, & Acronis [often the free version supplied by hard drive makers like Seagate, & in tandem with something like GParted -- back up partition with Acronis -> use GParted -> restore partition contents with Acronis].

mike  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+43)

SJs, it has a learning curve, but you need to backup your software and data (Paragon has a free program to do that, and there are free alternatives as well) because disk repartitioning can sometimes go poorly (happened to me...), but their move/extend partition function should keep your files intact, and shrink/delete the D drive, and extend the C drive. Always back up your drives before this, because it can sometimes not go as planned with partitioning.

GOTD and Paragon, thank you for offering this fabulous software once again. One really happy user :)

Toast  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+28)

MeanTee, did you notice this passage: "If you are 64bit system user follow the link here."?

Mad Ollie  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+27)

Problem with Wrong Version? (20, 21, etc) See above, There is a SEPARATE 64bit download today. Friends, please read the instruction on this page, and in the Readme, before posting response!

John C  –  14 years ago  –  ¿Te ha parecido útil este comentario? si | no (+27)

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